How the Installation of Dental Implants in Rochester Hills Works

Your smile is an important part of your overall image. It is the first thing that people see, and it is what you use to make a great first impression. If the quality of your smile is not where you want it to be, then you should consider getting Dental Implants in Rochester Hills. You can have the smile you have always wanted and ensure you are putting your best face forward by talking to a dentist about getting dental implants. If you have never had a dental implant before, then you may not be aware of what to expect.

Here is what you can expect when you visit your dentist for your dental implant installation. Don’t go into the process blind. Make sure you know what to expect so you can put your fears to rest.Initial ConsultationOne of the first things the dentist will want to do is conduct a consultation. During this, the dentist will conduct an examination of your mouth. This will include an oral exam and x-rays to ensure your mouth is healthy enough for dental implants. The dentist will also discuss what to expect during the remainder of the treatment plan.

ProcedureOnce it has been determined that you are a good candidate for dental implants, then the next step is to start the procedure. This can take any where from one appointment or several, depending on the amount of implants you are having installed. Ask your dentist how many visits you will need, and how long each visit will take so you can plan accordingly.Followup AppointmentThe doctor will want to conduct a series of follow up appointments to ensure that your implants are installed properly and your mouth is healthy. During these visits you can expect another oral exam and another series of x-rays. This will help ensure your Dental Implants in Rochester Hills will be ready to last your for years.Don’t live with a mouth you are embarrassed of any longer. Make sure you contact Dr. Robert Haag or visit his website at He and his staff can help ensure that you have the smile you want. Make your consultation appointment today so you can see how affordable and easy it can be to have the smile you have always wanted.

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