Pet Doctor in Honolulu to Extend your Dog’s Life

Many dog owners do not view their canine companions as pets; rather they view them as members of the family. They do all that is in their power to keep their dog healthy, strong and active for as long as possible. To do this, care must be taken to ensure that the dog is receiving everything that he needs each day.

What you feed your dog is going to make a huge difference in how healthy he is. If you are giving him garbage food, he is going to age rapidly, suffer from the lack of energy and not have the shiny, soft coat that you love to run your fingers through. Whether you choose to feed your dog homemade foods or high-quality dog food, it must contain all of the nutrients that he needs. Your vet can give you suggestions about the best diet for your particular kind of dog.

Do not over-feed your dog. Restrict his feeding time instead of allowing food to sit in his bowl all day. Give him 20 minutes to eat and put what he does not finish away for the next feeding. It is possible for you to overfeed through treats. Only reward your dog with treats when great behavior is displayed. If you are using treats as rewards for training, use boiled chicken broken into small pieces. This will give him the incentive to work without all of the empty calories that are found in typical dog treats.

Giving your dog the opportunity to exercise enough each day will not only help with his health, but with his behavior. Dogs that do not get enough exercise can act out and become destructive. Be sure that you exercise your dog at least 1-2 hours each day.

Dental Care
Do not neglect your dog’s teeth. Dental treats, brushing and oral rinses can all be used to keep teeth strong and healthy. Neglecting these steps can lead to serious dental issues. If you notice that your dog’s teeth are changing colors or his breath is getting very sour, contact your vet and have him examined for dental diseases.

Having the best Pet Doctor has to offer working with you and your dog can help extend his lifetime by several years. The Honolulu Pet Clinic may be the best resource to assist you in caring for your dog properly.

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