Preparing Your Dog for a Day of Fun in an Odenton Daycare Facility

When you can’t leave your dog at home alone during the day or you want to socialize your dog with others so that he gets exercise, then consider taking your pet to doggie daycare in Odenton. You can usually leave your dog at the facility all day if you need to or overnight if you have plans to be out of town or might have an emergency that arises. There are some details to consider before taking your dog to enjoy a day of playing and nurturing while you’re away from home.

Medical Records

Make sure you take your dog’s medical records to the daycare facility. Some require that your dog has certain vaccinations, especially a rabies vaccine before they can play with the other dogs.


Talk to the owner of the doggie daycare in Odenton about safety procedures in the event that there are fights or bites that occur. You also need to find out the protocol for owners picking up their pets so that all of the dogs go home with the right owners. Another component of the safety of the facility is the cleanliness that is demonstrated. Kennels need to be kept clean at all times as well as play areas so that dogs don’t spread or contract various types of bacteria or viruses that could be around.


Find out if there are packages available for dogs. Most daycares offer playtime, a meal during the day, and treats. You can usually add an additional playtime outside or even a spa treatment so that your dog gets his nails and hair trimmed while he’s there.

Contact Gambrills Veterinary Center for more information about what to expect from a daycare for your dog.

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