Alleviating Concerns about Dental Cleanings

You’re probably aware of how important good dental hygiene is for your well-being, and the same is true for your pet. However, you’ve probably heard a scary story or two about the effects of anesthesia on pets who’ve had dental cleanings. The team at a Veterinary Hospital Bucktown has to can help to reduce your worries.

Explaining the Benefits
As much as you research the benefits of a dental cleaning online, speaking with a vet can help you to feel more fully convinced. For example, the vet can explain the current state of your pet’s teeth, thereby letting you know what the risks are of not getting the cleaning. Anesthesia is always going to come with a risk, but the possible problems associated with your pet’s current dental health could be worse.

Assessing the Risk
A vet cannot tell you with 100 percent certainty that your pet will be fine under anesthesia because animals react differently. However, they can provide you with actual statistics. They can also offer you factual resources to read so that you can learn more about dental cleanings for pets.  Eliminating risk isn’t always possible; however, it is possible to become informed as opposed to imagining only the worst possible scenario.

Reviewing Your Pet’s Medical History
When you’re thinking about having your pet’s teeth cleaned, you may worry because your fur baby has never been under anesthesia before. However, reviewing your pet’s medical records with your vet may reveal otherwise. You may, for example, have forgotten about a procedure that your loved one had years ago. Knowing that your pet has been under anesthesia before might help to alleviate concerns. You should ask if it’s the same type and dosage of anesthesia. Again, while the vet can’t guarantee a certain result, having more information can help you to feel more confident.

As you learn details about the dental cleaning procedure, you may begin to realize that this decision has benefits for your pet. To discuss the situation further, you can schedule an appointment with the Veterinary Hospital Bucktown has to offer. Like us on our facebook page.

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