Nifty Facts About Cremation Services in Renton, Wa

Cremation is one of the most popular ways people are choosing in regards to how their final remains are disposed of. Despite the popularity of Cremation Services in Renton Wa, there are still some myths that need to be dispelled and a few nifty facts to know about cremation. In that spirit, so to speak, here they are.


Cremation is almost universally accepted in a religious sense. The only major religions that continue to forbid cremation are Orthodox Judaism and Islam. All Christian denominations accept cremation as long the reasons for doing so do not clash with Christian beliefs.

Flame Off

When using modern crematoriums, the body of the deceased is never actually exposed to any open flame. Rather, it is the intense heat that cremates the body. After the body is cremated, the remains are technically referred to as cremains.

One At A Time

There is a myth that funeral homes mix the cremains of people by cremating more than one body at a time as a cost-cutting measure. While there may have been shady funeral directors doing so in the past, there are no modern facilities that engage in such a practice. Not only is it illegal in every state, but modern crematoriums have no room for two bodies at a time. The only feasible way to mix the cremains of two people is if the family did it themselves.


Back in 1920, America was home to a mere 20 crematories. However, by the year of 2003, there were more than 1800 crematories around the country, including Cremation Services in Renton Wa, with more opening every year.

Batteries Not Included

Bodies that have pacemakers have to have the lithium batteries removed before undergoing cremation. This is because the batteries will explode in the crematory due to the extreme heat within the structure.

Final Processing

The cremation does not stop with the heat. To get the remains to the powder form most are familiar with, the cremator pulverizes the remains into a fine dust. It is this dust that is placed in the urn.

When one is considering how they want their body to be handled after they have passed on, it seems like a cremation is not only a popular decision but also a smart one.