How Nordyne Air Conditioners In Punta Gorda, FL Can Help Lower Electricity Bills Without Sacrificing Comfort

When the heat of the summer sun bears down, it will quickly cause the interior temperature of a home to increase to uncomfortable levels. An air conditioner helps to combat this issue and reduces the amount of moisture present in the air, which can help prevent the formation of mold and mildew and eliminate moisture damage to furniture. Nordyne Air Conditioners in Punta Gorda FL are, & arguably, of the most sought-after systems as they use advanced technology to help keep a home comfortable without causing a dramatic increase in electric bills.

Variable Speed Compressor

A standard air conditioner runs at full speed at all times, which means even for small temperature changes it will draw the maximum amount of energy. Nordyne Air Conditioners in Punta Gorda FL are is designed to monitor the temperature change and can vary the speed of the compressor, which enables the unit to cool a space for less money. Why pay for an AC unit to run unnecessarily when advanced technology now allows AC units to adjust their operation to match the needs of the home?

Temperature Zones

Most systems operate using one central thermostat, but a Nordyne-powered unit will utilize a variety of temperature zones to identify areas that are warmer than desired. When a shift is detected, the system will automatically activate the central fan unit to help move air and reduce the temperature of a room without the need for operating the outside compressor unit.

Humidity Monitor

Humidity can cause a home to feel warmer than necessary, which is why it is essential for an HVAC system to control a home’s humidity levels and reduce them accordingly. When an increase in humidity is detected, the machine will activate and enter a moisture-reducing mode, which can help lower temptress without running an outside unit for an unnecessary amount of time.

Technology has made HVAC units more reliable and efficient than ever before. For more information on Nordyne units, be sure to contact AA Temperature Services INC. and talk to one of their knowledgeable sales representatives. It could be the first step toward making any home comfortable for an affordable price. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.