New Mattress Sales Hickory NC Shopping Tips

Shopping for a new mattress doesn’t have to exhaust you or your bank account. Quality new mattresses can be found at any of the many Mattress Sales Hickory NC has to offer. Here are more tips on how to save on a new mattress.

Do You Have Impaired Mobility?

If you have impaired mobility so that it’s difficult to get in and out of bed, get any mattress other than a memory foam mattress. The memory foam tends to suck at your skin and can throw you off balance when you are trying to stand up. Before you go mattress shopping, talk to your doctor about type of mattress would be best for you.

Firmer Mattresses Aren’t Always Best for bad Backs

If firmer mattresses were always best for back backs, we would all be sleeping on the floor and there would be a lot less chiropractors in the world. If you try a mattress and it’s uncomfortable, do not get it in the hopes that it will help ease your lower back pains. A mattress that gives a medium firm support is just fine for people with bad backs.

Test for 15 Minutes

The best way to test a mattress is by lying on it for about fifteen minutes. This is long enough to get a good general feel of the mattress. it’s polite to remove your shoes before lying down. Lie down on the bed in the way you usually sleep, such as on your back or on your side.

Ask About Free Shipping

If you can’t get to the showroom, check out the mattress store’s website. Many stores will offer free shipping on some products like memory foam mattresses. If you can’t see any mention of free shipping, email the store. It never hurts to ask.

Ask About Warranties

The best mattress stores offer a limited time money back guarantee. This time period usually lasts from 30 to 90 days. You should know within two weeks if your new mattress is going to work out. You also need to know about warranties. Stores may offer cleaning and replacement warranties for new mattresses.

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