How To Buy A Sealy Mattress In Lafayette

If you are in need of a new Sealy mattress in Lafayette, you have many choices and options. However, it is important to remember that this purchase will be an important decision, so you’ll want to take your time to find the one that fits your needs best. There are some helpful tips that will make the process slightly easier.


Mattresses can be found by using websites because you’ll get to compare prices and options from many different brands all at once. While most people prefer to go to the store to make the purchase, you can always go online first to do the research. You will want to check prices and look for any new styles available. They can come pretty high-tech nowadays, so it’s important to consider those options. However, some of the high-tech versions are in specialty stores or only online, making it slightly harder to find.


You’ll want to make some decisions before you get to the store, such as the level of firmness you’ll require. While this can be difficult because you haven’t tested it, there are a few factors that can help you. Those with back problems should choose a medium-firm or firm version because they will support the lower back. Those who are heavier may decide a pillow-top version is an excellent option because they can be more comfortable. The spring count, while supposed to measure quality, isn’t a good indicator of how comfortable it will be, so you’ll still want to try it out.


Make sure you know where you want to put the bed and how much room you’ll need prior to making the purchase. You’ll feel horrible knowing you found the perfect one and can’t fit it in your bedroom.

What To Do When In The Store

Once you get to the shop, you’ll want to test various mattresses for comfort and firmness. Lie down on the bed for at least 10 to 15 minutes to get a feel for the bed. While it may seem embarrassing to lie down at the store, it is the only way to determine comfort and firmness based on your needs. Descriptor tags are used, such as ultra plush or extra firm, but you should ignore those for the most part because they aren’t regulated, and one “ultra plush” option may be a “super soft” version with another brand.

Your Sealy mattress in Lafayette is a big decision and major purchase, so take your time and make sure it fits your lifestyle. Click here at Mattress Direct to find the one that you will love for the next few years.

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