A Family Law Attorney in Chandler AZ: The Difference between Separation and Divorce

When most couples get married, their hope is to stay united till death separates them. After some time in the marriage, disagreements may occur and if not well solved, they mostly lead to divorce. A Family Law Attorney in Chandler AZ advises his clients not to jump into divorce if no reconciliation efforts have been made. Before they fully decide on divorcing, most couples give each other time off in terms of separation. In legal separation, couples live separate lives but they still refer each other as spouses. Below are differences in what changes after divorce and separation. Visit website for more information.


When the couples get legal separation, any assets they had remains under them. No particular spouse will have more rights to the assets than another. However, this can change if the separation agreement they sign states that the ownership of the assets can be changed.

Health insurance benefits

When one spouse is working, his company provides medical insurance for his spouse and children. Divorce changes all this because the health insurance coverage taken for the spouse will be canceled. After separation, the health care coverage remains. Health benefits are part of the reason certain spouses would rather remain in an unhappy marriage than get a divorce and lose their medical coverage. But, with a competent Family Law Attorney in Chandler AZ, you can still have this matter settled.

Social security benefits

Most states give social security spousal benefits to couples married for more than ten years. If the couples get divorced before ten years are over, they lose these benefits but if they stay separated and wait for the ten years of marriage, then the benefits remain.

Tax payment

Couples generally pay lower taxes compared to singles. With separation, the taxes will remain low but once you get a divorce, each start paying tax separately which will be much higher.

Possibility of re-union

Divorce is permanent, and the possibility of a couple’s reconciliation is close to none. After separation, most couples reflect on the mistakes they make on their marriage, and if they re-unite, things work much better.

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