If you are in a car accident you may need an attorney

If you are injured in an automobile accident, the pain and heartache will be felt by you and your family. If the accident was caused by another driver who was at fault, then the first thing you should do is contact a firm of personal injury attorneys in Oklahoma City.

Doubtless, the accident itself was very stressful and disturbing. There is good news though, as the injured party you are entitled to a monetary award for your injuries; both the physical injuries and the less tangible, emotional injuries. The insurance company of the person who was negligent is responsible for paying the claim; however, all insurance companies make every possible effort to limit the amount they have to pay. While you are in the hospital the last thing you want to do is face the negligent parties’ insurance company, your primary concerns are getting well and your family. It is at this time of maximum vulnerability that the insurance company will offer a settlement of some sort, hoping that you will accept and release them from any further liability. The personal injury attorneys in Oklahoma City will warn you of this and advise you not to talk to the insurance company and certainly do not sign anything.

Although many personal injuries are the result of vehicle accidents, that is by far not the only reason. Any injury, where there is negligence shown can be compensated for. The injury could have happened on the job; you could trip over an uneven sidewalk; you can be injured by a faulty product, been assaulted or suffer in the hands of a negligent doctor. All there has to be is evidence of negligence and regardless of what caused the injury; you are entitled to an award of compensation.

The amount of compensation will usually depend on the severity of the injuries and their long-term impact of the sufferer. Personal injury attorneys in Oklahoma City see to it that their clients get the maximum award possible. An accident which causes long-term disability; perhaps a limb was lost or severe brain trauma occurred, then the compensation will be significantly greater than if the injuries did not cause the same long-term effects. The award that is eventually either granted by the court or negotiated between the insurance company and your lawyer takes into account both physical and emotional damage, pain and suffering. Pain and suffering is considered intangible, but a seasoned attorney can argue for maximum compensation.

In many cases, the insurance company does not want to go in front of a judge so a settlement is mediated out of court. The mediation process is done between your personal injury attorneys and the insurance company.

In the event you need personal accident attorneys in Oklahoma City, you are invited to call Homsey Law Center. The firm has been representing clients since 1974; you are welcome to contact them for a free case review.

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