Motorcycle Helmets and Gear Tips

When you are ready to head out on a road trip on your new motorcycle you should be sure to have the proper gear to keep you safe and comfortable. Here are a few tips for buying the right gear.

Motorcycle Helmets

There’s no need to use your noggin to know a motorcycle helmet is a must whether you are venturing down the street or down the highway. Look for a full face helmet for ultimate protection. You might be concerned about wearing a helmet as it might not be too comfortable. However, the new models of helmets are designed with comfort in mind. They are lightweight and allow air to circulate without getting too breezy. They also help to cut down on all the noise around you while driving which is nice when you are on a busier highway. Motorcycle helmets are also designed to be aerodynamic as well as cut down on fatigue. Using a helmet will reduce your risk of serious head injury by 60 percent. However, it is important to remember that helmets actually become less effective as they age so never buy them used. It is recommended you replace your helmet every five years or so and remember to do the same if you keep a passenger helmet handy.


When you are out on the road in the heat of summer it might be tempting to wear a t-shirt and sandals. But just remember even a little tumble off your motorcycle can lead to some very uncomfortable scrapes and bruises. Nothing is more uncomfortable than road rash and it will make it hard to continue riding as well. No matter what time of year, when you are cruising you want to be certain you are wearing the gear that will keep you safe. The proper gear will protect you from the wind, as well as nasty bug splats and sunburn. If you fall or slide you will damage the gear instead of your skin. You want to wear gloves, full length pants and a reinforced jacket. You can shop for specially designed mesh jackets ideal for summer travelling as it will provide ventilation so you aren’t dying from the heat. Jackets and pants should be padded and you also want to wear shoes or boots that cover your ankles. And although you might think the moron wearing the bright gear on the highway looks stupid, the point is you see him.


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