Wrap it up With Car Graphics in Orange County

A wrap is a kind of vehicle graphic that is temporarily applied to a car’s body, and they do not damage the vehicle when applied correctly. You can choose to have your vehicle partially or fully wrapped, making wraps a good solution for fleet vehicles. Any idea can be printed and then applied to your vehicle, and wraps are commonly used to display advertisements and artwork. Auto wraps are useful if you need to change your vehicle’s appearance without the expense of repainting.

Vehicle Wrapping Techniques

Many materials and techniques are used to make these Car Graphics in Orange County. Special printers are used to produce graphics on large vinyl sheets; different kinds of vinyl are used, but cast film is the most common choice. The skills of the sign shop’s staff and the quality of the materials make a significant difference in the quality and appearance of the finished wrap.

The Design and Production Process

When you order a vehicle wrap, we will ask about your car’s make, model and specifications, and then we’ll review the design you intend to use. Your design may need to be edited in order to be successfully printed on a large scale, especially if you’re using photographs. After your design is refined, it’s printed on vinyl.


Your vehicle should be wrapped indoors to reduce exposure to dust, wind and extreme temperatures. Before your wrap is applied, your car will be thoroughly washed and dried. The wrap is loosely draped over the car before being properly aligned. Some wraps are applied in sections to make the process easier.

Most wraps have an adhesive backing, which is heated and rubbed for better adhesion to the body of your car. A squeegee is typically used to smooth the wrap against the vehicle, ridding it of wrinkles and air bubbles. For curved areas, extra heat may be needed for proper adhesion. When a section has been covered, it’s trimmed before being considered complete.

When properly made and applied, Car Graphics in Orange County can last up to five years. The cost of a vehicle wrap depends on the colors used, the design’s complexity and the vehicle’s size. To find out how much a wrap will cost for your specific vehicle, call for a price quote at Sunset Signs.

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