Making Sure a Furnace in Madison Is in Excellent Working Order Before the Holiday Season

Technicians who provide service for a furnace in Madison can address any nagging problems homeowners have been noticing that they want to have resolved for the late autumn and winter holiday season. They might be planning to have several people over for Thanksgiving dinner, some of whom will be staying overnight or for the long weekend. The hosts want their guests to be comfortable and satisfied with their stay.

Making a Chilly Room Warm

For instance, a spare bedroom may be situated at a far distance from the furnace, and this room may always feel a bit chilly in the winter. Technicians providing service for a Furnace in Madison can resolve this problem through a couple of strategies. That way, the space can be a cozy guest bedroom over the holidays.

If the ductwork is sufficient, they can add dampers that the residents can adjust for modifying air flow. This way, a room that generally is very warm can have more limited furnace air flow while the room at the back receives more heated air. Another strategy would be to add a duct pipe and register to that back room, so it gets twice as much heated air as it did before.

Minimizing Dust

A home that seems to get dusty too soon after it’s been cleaned will benefit from a furnace filter with a higher MERV rating. Filters with higher minimum efficiency reporting values block more dust from getting through the system when the air is pulled through return-air registers in the home. The hosts don’t want the place to be getting dusty by Saturday if they’ve just done a thorough house cleaning the weekend before in anticipation of guests.

Scheduling Maintenance

If the annual maintenance on the furnace has not been performed yet, scheduling an appointment with a company such as East River Energy before Thanksgiving is advisable. The technician cleans the equipment and makes sure everything is functioning properly. This appointment is particularly important for an older furnace that may have worn parts. A heating and cooling technician will evaluate all components and replace any that pose a risk of the furnace breaking down. More information on this company can be seen at

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