Alternative Dispute Resolution for Divorcing Couples In Illinois

A Downers Grove divorce lawyer may recommend Alternative Dispute Resolution to clients who are embroiled in a separation or divorce case. The two parties must come to a consensus about how they will split their estate, divide assets, and manage child custody. The process may be managed by a Downers Grove divorce lawyer, and it has a few parts that are quite important to both parties.

How Does ADR Begin?

ADR refers to the tactics that are used to ensure that the family does not go to court to settle their divorce. A divorce may take quite a long time, and it is quite expensive. ADR hopes to avoid this expense and use of time by asking both parties to discuss and agree on a number of key issues in the case. A Downers Grove divorce lawyer will begin the discussion by asking both parties to enter into this agreement in lieu of going to court.

The Process Is Casual

ADR is a casual process that requires both parties talk about what they prefer to do to settle their divorce. They may be far apart on certain issues, but they may resolve those issues if they commit to ADR. A Downers Grove divorce lawyer will mediate the process, and they will help both sides talk about what is most important to them.

What If the Sides Cannot Agree?

The two sides in a divorce must be amenable to discussion if they wish to make ADR work. They cannot come to any agreement if they plan to fight during the settlement talks, and ADR will break down in a circumstance like this. Anyone who believes they are too far gone in divorce discussions may not feel their ex will want to use ADR. Both parties must take this work seriously if it is to work.

The Fitzgerald Law Firm P.C. is a family law center in Naperville, Illinois that will offer Alternative Dispute Resolution to any clients who request it. ADR may be completed by lawyers in the office who wish to resolve disputes as quickly and calmly as possible.

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