Caring for Surveillance Security Systems in Plainfield, IN

The protection of people and property is something that surveillance security systems in Plainfield IN offer to the consumer. The systems provide the owners with a real-time warning to stop a potential incident as well as the verifiable proof of criminal activity that insurance companies and courts require. Maintenance of the system is the most important responsibility owners have after their cameras are installed. Here are three simple ways to protect exterior surveillance cameras and to increase their performance.

Keep Them Protected

Install cameras securely against a solid structure and in areas that are difficult for people to reach. This prevents criminals from disabling or stealing the cameras. Make certain the system is not mounted on metal and is properly grounded to protect against lightning and electrical surges. Always complete any software updates to prevent hackers from accessing the system. Only install cameras outside if they are designed for exterior use and are rated to withstand the weather that is common in the area.

Wipe Away Debris

Surveillance Security Systems in Plainfield IN are at the mercy of wind-borne dust and pollen as well as spider webs and insects attracted to the IR LED lights. Regular cleaning of the lenses is needed to brush away anything that could block the view or reduce the clarity of the image. Even a single spiderweb could block a license plate or a person’s defining feature. Avoid using pressure washers for this task because it may damage the equipment.

Remember the Landscape

Flags, trees, and other features could reduce the field of view of the camera. Always look around the area before installation to determine if there is anything that could block the view. It is often a good idea to install the cameras when the trees are full of leaves because the sight-line may change more than expected once the leaves grow back in the spring.

The protection provided by a surveillance system is only as good as the image it offers. Make certain to get the most out of any investment by installing and caring for it as directed. Click here to learn more about the types of systems available today.

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