Make an Appointment with a Dentist in Massapequa for a Healthy Smile

A healthy and attractive smile is one of the best ways that people can make a good first impression. It’s not fair, but Americans judge each other by their appearance. When they meet someone with bad breath or yellowed and chipped teeth, the discount their character and abilities. Therefore, anyone who fears that the quality of their smile is holding them back should make an appointment with a Dentist in Massapequa.

The dentist will check their teeth and gums and make sure that both are healthy. Bad breath can be cause by the bacteria that causes cavities or gum disease. Today’s dental fillings match the patient’s tooth color perfectly. Patient’s love the fact that no one can tell that they had a cavity in one of their front teeth. If the remainder of their teeth are yellow and dingy because of smoking, too much coffee or even medication, the dentist can easily whiten them.

In only 90-minutes, it’s possible for the dentist to whiten teeth up to eight shades. Some people have sensitive teeth and worry that this will irritate them. The benefit of having a dentist do the whitening is that he can evaluate the amount of enamel on the tooth. If some of it has worn away, he can reduce the amount of the chemical to lessen the irritation level. While the patient’s teeth won’t be quite as white, an improvement of five or six shades, can still make an impact. Many teeth-whitening products even have ingredients that strengthen the enamel. If patients follow the at-home maintenance instructions given by their dentist, a teeth-whitening treatment should last for about two years.

Many patients are unhappy with the shape of their teeth or gaps between them. If a patient has chipped one or several teeth, they can look unattractive. Dental veneers can transform these teeth in only one visit. The dentist can use resin to shape the veneers, which are shells that fit over the front of a person’s teeth. In a few hours they, can transform a smile. Many brides and grooms have veneers applied prior to their wedding. That way they know that their smiles for their wedding pictures will be perfect.


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