What It Takes To Be A Court ReporterReporter

Reporting is not an easy career. The stress and demand to always be on your toes and in control of your self isn’t easy for everyone. Certain people are made for this career. Being a court reporter takes things to another level. Not only do you have to be able to type 225 words per minute but you have to be experienced in litigation and depositions as well. Continuing education classes are offered to help keep you up to date on the various changes in laws. It’s been said though that being a court reporter is one of the highest paid jobs that doesn’t require a bachelors degree. For some people that’s pretty motivating to handle the stress.

Video conferences have become quite popular. Court Reporters in DC are a hot commodity and when you are not available to be in the actual trial they are hired to go all over the world. They are some of the best. Using a court reporting firm is the way to go. They have several reporters available and not to mention the video capabilities to accommodate clients from different places so they are included in the proceeding. From pre trial to the actual trial and sentencing video conferencing and streaming is the top way to keep people involved. It makes being involved much easier for people who travel. They can stay clued in from a hotel room and even the comfort of their own homes.

As a court reporter you are the eyes and the ears of the public. It is your job to make sure everything that happens is recorded correctly for the pages of history. Dc is home to some of the most high profile cases. Talk about pressure. People companies and lives are at stake in those trials. Some reporters have even been attacked when the defendant is unstable. You definitely have to be dedicated to justice. Knowledge of legal terminology will help you even if you are just transcribing the recording. But especially as the reporter. You are involved the entire process. Being a court reporter in DC opens many doors if you want to further your education in the justice system. Its high demand and notoriety for high profile cases will make you very desirable to other places. You could go anywhere.

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