File a California Bankruptcy Quickly and Easily to Avoid Debt Collectors

Are you tired of your creditors calling every time you turn around? Are you tired of being harassed at work with collectors trying to track you down? Are you tired of robbing Peter to pay Paul? If this sounds like you, then you are experiencing the same frustrations that many people feel when they are on the brink of bankruptcy. There is no need to be this stressed, when help is just a phone call away to any reputable bankruptcy lawyer in your area. Most bankruptcy attorneys offer free consultations, so you have nothing to lose in at least seeing what they have to offer. If you live in the Corona area, then they will provide all of the bankruptcy information in Corona that you need to get started with the process.

Initial Consultation Expectations

The days of typing bankruptcy petitions on a manual typewriter are long gone. Most bankruptcy attorneys use state of the art bankruptcy software to type and electronically file their bankruptcy petitions. The process is much quicker than it has ever been. During your initial consultation, the attorney will discuss all of the requirements that you must meet in order to qualify for a bankruptcy. They may also request important information that the bankruptcy court will want such as paystubs, bank statements, your driver’s license, social security statements, taxes, and other personal documents. You should never have to hand over your original documents. Always have them make copies, so that your original documents do not become lost in the process.

Why it is Vital to Have Legal Counsel

When you are filing a bankruptcy, you are filing it in a Federal Court, not in a local court. One small slip up could result in your case being dismissed. Unless you have a lot of knowledge on Federal bankruptcy laws, then it is critical that you have an attorney who has a high level of expertise in these matters. It is very unwise for anyone to try to represent themselves in a bankruptcy case. There is just too much at stake, and you don’t want to end up losing everything that you own just because mistakes were made. A competent lawyer will ensure that things are done correctly with your case, so that you can be on a path to financial freedom. For more information, visit Winterbotham Parham Teeple, a PC.

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