How To Work Safe With Electricity

Electricity is a powerful medium and anyone working with it or around it must respect the dangers connected with it. It is very important that the circuit being worked on is isolated, even the most experienced electricians may have missed electrical danger signs sometimes in their career and rued the result.

There are electrical projects that can be accomplished by most homeowners but there are also projects that are outside the scope of the same people. Getting into the electrical panel is not as easy as it may seem, even though electrical danger signs are affixed right on the panel door. If you are not comfortable with taking on a project and you don’t have the knowledge to do it; then don’t. Projects which are beyond your scope should be turned over to a professional; they are trained to work with voltages found in the home as well as higher voltages used in industry and commerce.

When working with electricity pay ample attention to the dangers, wear the right safety gear and pay attention to any electrical danger signs that may be posted in the area or on the equipment itself. When an electrical project is about to be tackled, here are a few good safety tips:

Turn off the power: The first step to safely working with electricity is getting rid of it. Make sure the power is turned off to the circuit that is your focus of attention. How can you be sure the circuit is not live?

A non-contact voltage tester should be used to detect the condition of the circuit before you expose any wires. With these testers there is no need to remove the device from the outlet box, simply remove the cover and hold the tester next to it, you will know immediately if the circuit is still energized or not.

When you are turning breakers on and off it is a good idea to stand to the side and avert your eyes just in the event the breakers blows or throws a spark.

If you are working on high voltage, wear rubber gloves which will protect from any possible shock. Wearing gloves is a good idea for any work being done as they will protect the hands from sharp edges often found on pull boxes and panels.

Following these few tips and paying strict attention to any and all electrical danger signs will protect you and keep you safe. For more information, visit the website.


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