Major Reasons You Should Get a Roof Installed in Gainesville, FL

Do you have an old roof that needs to be replaced but you’re still on the fence about it? Here are some major reasons you should consider a new roof installation in Gainesville, FL.

For Your Family’s Safety

One of the first reasons you should have a new roof installed is for the sake of you and your family. Having an old, worn-out roof is almost as bad as having no roof at all because it could collapse in and hurt you or your family when it’s supposed to be protecting you. Also, a leak in the roof could potentially cause a bunch of mold and mildew to grow which would contaminant the air you’re breathing.

Give Your Home A Makeover

Another reason you should consider getting a new roof is that it will give your house the makeover it’s been needing. Many of the houses standing today were built over three decades ago, so your home probably doesn’t look as good as the day you bought it. You can get a roof in any color or design you’d like, so installing a new roof could put some life back into your home that it may have lost over time.

A New Roof Is A Great Investment

One of the best reasons you should consider installing a new roof in Gainesville, FL is that new roofs are a great investment. The average ROI on a brand new roof is 70 percent, which means that you’re likely to make back 70 percent of the amount that you paid when you sell the house eventually.

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If you are in the market for roof installation in Gainesville FL, get in touch with Duffield Home Improvements for affordable high quality residential and commercial roofing as well as residential siding and window installation services.

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