Looking for Great Austin Hotels Near 6th Street?

Staying in the right place can make a difference when traveling. When staying at a hotel on the outskirts of town, you need to find transportation to get to all the happening spots, paying for parking, and a litany of other hassles.

But when you find the right spot, like Austin hotels near 6th street, you can be right in the thick of things. That means being within walking distance of all the happening spots and being able to get to them in no time.

Save the Trouble

The biggest benefit of staying at Austin hotels near 6th street is the convenience. There are a litany of destinations and restaurants worth seeing in Austin, but part of the problem is getting to them in a convenient way.

When staying on or near 6th, you can walk to just about anything you could want to see or do. That is the kind of convenience that makes staying in Austin so fun.


There are also the accommodations that the hotel itself can provide. When you have access to things like room and concierge service, a state-of-the-art gym facility, pool, and much more, it is the kind of stay you will want to replicate in the future.

Make sure you stay in the right hotel for your next trip, and you will see the difference it can make. Location is key, but the amenities and accommodations are close behind.

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