Time for New Garage Doors in Athens, GA? Points to Keep in Mind

After having to fight with a sticking garage door again this morning, the homeowner decides the time has come to make some changes. The question that remains is what types of New Garage Doors in Athens, GA would provide the most benefits. Since there are several designs to consider, it pays to start out by defining exactly what the homeowner wants in the way of features and benefits. Here are some tips that will help with the process.

Design Options

While there are swinging door designs, the owner has always liked having an overhead door. Back in the days before things started to wear out, it was a good fit in terms of space efficiency and general operation. Since the owner does like that style, there is no reason to move to something else. What could change is deciding to go with an automated door.

Overhead Garage Doors in Athens, GA can be outfitted with motors that move them up and down sets of rails. Rather than having to manually open and close the door, the owner can use a remote control to activate the motor and initiate the desired action. That particular benefit is more than a convenience. Think of how it would come in handy when returning home in the midst of a thunderstorm or late at night. In those scenarios, being able to remain in the car while the door is opened and closed will also reduce the risk of injury or some other threat.

Colors and Styles

Since the doors are going to be replaced anyway, why not think about changing the color? It does not matter if the owner decides to go with wooden or metal garage doors. Any type can be painted and sealed to the tastes of the homeowner. For inspiration, take a look at the colors used for the exterior of the home. One of the colors used for the trim or even the front door will work equally well for the new garage door.

For homeowners who are ready to make a change, visit Select Door Service for more info about garage doors. After a quick word with a contractor, it will be easy enough to arrange the purchase and a date for the new installation.

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