Legalities And Requirements For Adoption In Honolulu, HI

As outlined in Hawaii State Statute 578-2, Adoption in Honolulu HI is the legal appointment of parental rights for an adoptive parent. The state does not require that this adult individual be married at the time of the adoption. The law does, however, specify that the prospective parent acquires consent of the state when the biological parent’s rights are terminated or through written consent. When consent is needed, he or she must obtain it from the natural mother or father. The state does recognize fathers who were deemed a parent through a court-order or paternity case.

Limitations Imposed upon Consent

An adoptive parent is not required to seek consent from a parent who has deserted the child, failed to communicate with them for over one year, or failed to support the child for at least one year. This stipulation also limits the rights of a natural father who did not legitimize the child by marrying his or her mother or acquired parental rights through a paternity suit. Additionally, any parent who possesses a mental illness which rendered them incapacitated in which the state recognizes this determination is not required to consent to adoption.

Notification of Adoption

Hawaii Statute 578-4 stipulates that any biological parents who are required to consent or disapprove of adoption proceedings are served with a notification of these proceedings. This is a procedure utilized after the child is abandoned for more than one year. A law enforcement official, typically, delivers this notification to the last-known residence for the parents.

According to the statute, if the officer is unable to deliver the document to the parent, they may leave the papers with an individual who manages his or her affairs. A hearing for consent is scheduled ten days after the delivery of the notification. Any parent who fails to attend the hearing or file a motion through an attorney provides consent based on a failure to answer the summons.

Investigation and Interviews

An agent for the Honolulu County family court will conduct an investigation and interview to determine whether the prospective parents are suitable and in the best interests of the child. Upon conclusion of these concepts, a report is submitted to the judge. After the judge approves of the Adoption in Honolulu HI, the finalization process is completed. Anyone who wishes to adopt a child or minor family member can contact Cheryl Takabayashi for further instruction.

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