If Your Pet Needs Dog Boarding San Francisco Pet Owners Can Help

When it comes to Dog Boarding San Francisco pet owners can offer a lot of valuable advice to help make this a positive experience for your pet. Begin the search for dog boarding in San Francisco well in advance. This will give you plenty of time to visit the facility. Ask to see the area where the dogs are kept. The facility should be clean and odor free.

In addition to seeing the sleeping area, ask to see the dog’s play area. Depending on your dog, you may want to inquire as to whether dogs are allowed to play together, or if they play separately. Some dogs enjoy playing with other dogs, while others do not. If your dog does not, you may be able to work something out so that your dog can be exercised alone.

When it comes to Dog Boarding in San Francisco, much of what makes the experience pleasant for your dog has to do with you, the owner. Your pet will look to you for guidance on how to feel about something. Animals have an uncanny way of picking up on feelings. Whether or not your dog picks up on fear and anxiety has to do with you. It is important for you to be secure in your decision as to where your pet will be boarded. You must also not feel guilty about leaving your pet. If you feel bad, your dog will think there is something to feel bad about.

Pack some items for your dog before he or she is dropped off. Take along a favourite toy from home that your dog can keep while he or she is being boarded. The toy will have the familiar scent of home which can be comforting. Take enough of your dog’s food with you so that your dog will not have to switch foods. Changes in diet can cause an upset stomach. Take the dog for a walk before you drop the dog off. Walking will help to release some energy. This way when you drop the dog off, it will be calmer, which makes things easier on everyone.

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