How DWI Insurance in Lacey Washington Works

If you have been convicted of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you are considered a high risk driver to insurance companies. This does not mean you cannot get insurance, but it does require some paperwork and a special form referred to as the SR22. Some people think SR22 is a type of insurance, but it’s a form associated with liability coverage.. It’s a form that has to be filed with the DMV as proof of financial responsibility to the state. DWI Insurance in Lacey, Washington requires you to have the SR22 form to be insured. The following is what happens after a DWI or DUI conviction is on your record. Click here for more information.

1) Increased rates – Your rates will go up or you may have to obtain a whole new policy if your policy is canceled by your existing provider. You will have to fill out the SR22 form which lets the provider know that you have an arrest for drunk driving, which in turn will cost you more for coverage.

2) Length of coverage – How long do you have to maintain SR22 on your insurance? Insurance companies reexamine your driving record every three years. Depending on how your driving record looks when it is reviewed, you may see a slight decrease in your rates and you may no longer need the SR22 form. This is contingent on how your driving record looks every three years.

3) Driving record – Not only do you wind up with a criminal record after a DWI, your driving record also suffers. DWI arrests are two points on your record and will stay on your record for at least 10 years. Whether you require the SR22 or not after three years, your coverage will still be higher than it would if you have a good driving record.

The only way to avoid further increases in your insurance rates is to avoid getting arrested for DWI, avoid getting into an accident, and drive wisely to avoid traffic violations. As you work to clean up your driving record, your coverage rates will go down and your driving record will show you are a responsible driver as opposed to a high-risk driver. SAV-ON Insurance Agencies can help you with comparable and low rates on your coverage.

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