Keep Your Home Dry With Roof Inspections From Trusted Roofing Companies in San Antonio

The roof of your home is incredibly important. It’s the main line of defense from nature’s elements while providing structure and stability for the house. When living in San Antonio the quality of the roof may be the most important feature of the building. Weather in Texas can be very variable and often it can be rather extreme as well. Dealing with this incredible range of weather with a failing roof is an open invitation to disaster for your home. The best way to protect your home and family is with a regularly scheduled roof inspection from trusted Roofing Companies in San Antonio.

Roofing contractors often offer quality inspections to verify the consistency of their customer’s roofing, but only a few companies like Roof Doctor provide a comprehensive thirty point roofing inspection that covers many details. For example, their inspection checks for proper overhang of the shingles at your roof’s gutters and eaves. If the shingles fall too short water could leak back underneath and rot the underlying decking material. They also inspect the flashing around any walls, verify seals around any attic intake vents and check those vents for blockage. Most importantly they check the roof for shingle tears, punctures, worn patches and loose seams.

Along with exterior inspection the Roofing Companies in San Antonio should also check the interior of the roof. In some homes this may be difficult such as those with low sloping roofs or finished attics, but homes with open attics make the inspection process much easier. Checking the attic for water leaks requires looking for stains in the wood as well as rotting areas. Water tends to soak into any material such as the roof decking, joists and rafters. Another place to check for water damage is the insulation. Most insulation can’t handle water well and will sag under the extra weight. Conscientious contractors will verify the insulation is intact and provides the proper R-value for your home.

Determining if your choice in roofing contractors is correct for you may require a little research. One specific aspect to consider is the experience this contractor has with the roofing products your home uses. However, the reliability of the company is just as important. This is why it’s vital to check your contractor’s business licenses, insurance coverage and status with the local Better Business Bureau.

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