Injury Compensation In Mason Ohio

Let’s say you live on the pacific seaboard and decide to take your wife and kids to Mason Ohio so that they can enjoy a fun filled few days at the Kings Island Amusement Park. You have made all the arrangements for travel, accommodations and entrance fees in advance with payments secured by your credit card.

The big day arrives, your flight across Country and the airport transfers have all gone without a hitch. However, some doubts start to cross your mind when you see the location of the hotel said to be “near the Park”. It gets worse once you enter the reception area which is nothing like the image you gained from the web when you made your “cash in advance” reservation. You speak to the receptionist but are informed that the hotel operates a zero refund policy. Since you can’t afford to throw money away; you decide to make the most of poor situation.

You are out the hotel first thing next morning and find the “free transfer to the Park” is not operating but, a taxi fare later; you are all having a great time. Eventually, it is time to take a taxi back to the hotel.

Accidents Can Happen

The hotel lift is out of order and you have to walk up three flights of stairs to your rooms. The stairway is not well light and, halfway up, your youngest stumbles over something and trips. Fortunately, not down too many steps but enough to hit her head rather hard. You carry the child back down to reception but the clerk is not interested and of no help, your daughter is still groggy and having trouble standing up. You have no choice but to get another taxi and get to the nearest hospital ER.

The result was that she did have some concussion and a badly sprained ankle; they admitted her for tests and observation. On her release, you were presented with a fairly hefty bill. The hotel say the whole incident was your fault but you are hoping mad and decide to find a personal injury Lawyer in Mason, OH to press for compensation on your behalf. Not only for the hospital bills and cost of follow up treatment but also for the pain your daughter suffered and the ruination of the family vacation.

Locals or out of town visitors needing the services of a personal injury lawyer would be well advised to contact Rose & Dobyns Co., L.P.A. in Mason, OH.

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