Tips For Saving Money On Wedding Flowers in Charlotte NC

The perfect flower arrangement can make a wedding day that much more special. The ceremony and reception can both be decorated with lovely colors to shape the occasion. However, unless you’re a couple with an endless sum of cash, you probably want to work to use your wedding budget wisely. The follow are a few tips you can use to have an amazing floral arrangement at your wedding and still save money.

In order to save money on your overall floral arrangement you should consider mixing and matching. Often times, couples will either opt for the more expensive options or the more affordable options. Why not do both? Instead of picking one or the other, consider combining an expensive selection of wedding flowers Charlotte, NC has available with those that are less expensive. For instance, try combining tasteful and affordable lisianthus and roses with peonies. This will allow you to spread out the pricey peonies while still having a beautiful overall arrangement.

When you’re planning your floral arrangement, you’ll have access to a large variety of wedding flowers Charlotte, NC has available. However, instead of picking eight or nine different types of flowers, try sticking to just two or three. Limiting yourself to only two or three flower types can allow you to take advantage of minimalist colors. One or two different colors can make a bold statement. You might want to consider having one type of flower for the ceremony and another for the reception. Less variety can also equal more affordable arrangements; florists generally provide discounts on large orders of a single flower.

The season you choose to wed in can have a major impact on the price for your floral arrangement as well. Expert florists often recommend picking flowers that are in season during your wedding. Seasonal flowers tend to be much less expensive because they’re so abundant during their blossoming months. Your seasonal flowers won’t cost pennies, but they’ll be a lot less expensive than they would if they were less available.

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