Inspecting a Used Motorcycle: 3 Important Things to Look for Before Buying Second-Hand Harley Davidson Motorcycles in Pittsburgh

If you’re planning to buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle in Pittsburgh, you can save a lot of money by buying second-hand. Still, before you buy a used bike you’ll need to inspect it thoroughly to rule out mechanical issues and past accidents. Here are some tips on giving used Harley Davidson Motorcycles in Pittsburgh a good once-over before you consider buying.

Check for Body Damage

Body damage on a second-hand Harley can be a huge red flag. Often, it means the bike was tipped-over or involved in an accident sometime in the past. To make matters worse, sometimes the tell-tale damage is barely noticeable. Know what to look for before you begin inspecting a bike. Look at the exhaust pipe, handles and overall body of the bike closely. Small, shallow scratches or chips could mean the bike was dropped at some point. Subtle signs of a past wreck include longer, deeper scratches and gouges or scraped chrome.

Start Your Engines

Sometimes, second-hand Harley Davidson Motorcycles in Pittsburgh may have trouble starting, especially if the weather is cold. You’ll want to make sure that you are the first one to start up the engine so that you’re able to see exactly how quickly it begins running. Dishonest sellers have been known to warm up a troubled engine before you arrive on the scene to try and hide cold-start issues. When you turn the ignition, the engine should start smoothly and sound normal. If you notice any shaking, clunking or rattling sounds the bike could have mechanical issues.

Check the Oil

Always take a look at the oil in a Harley with a dipstick because it will give you a great indication of how well the bike has been maintained. Ideally, the seller will have documentation to prove when the most recent oil change was done. Even if he does, take a good look at the oil. It should be honey-colored. Black, gunky oil means it’s been a long time since the oil has the bike probably hasn’t been taken care of very well. If you see gray oil or shiny metal pieces in the oil, it’s a sign of major engine wear or abuse.

A good inspection is vital before you purchase a used Harley. If you’re familiar with motorcycles, your best bet is to buy from a reputable dealer like Z & M Cycle Sales instead of a private seller.


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