Your New Kitchen Deserves Appliances Like Miele

It’s finally time to remodel your kitchen, and this time you are doing it right. You got the granite countertops you’ve always wanted, the island for extra workspace, and now you want the best appliances to complete the look. One brand you are going to want to seriously consider is Miele. They are a German company that makes appliances not only for home use, but also for commercial kitchens as well. This gives them the knowledge of what an experienced cook wants from their workspace. Here are a few of the items in their line to look for.


Can’t decide between gas flame, ceramic and induction? Why not get all three? With Miele’s modular design you can have two burners of each kind. Install them right next to each other, or with some space inbetween to leave room for any mise en place you need for your culinary creations.


When looking for Miele in Naples FL, refrigeration is going to be a big part of your new kitchen. With their clean lines and advanced technology, you are sure to find one perfect for your space. Here again, a modular take on design allows you total flexibility. Each piece has a single-door width and you can choose from refrigerators, freezers and wine storage units. Mix and match them in any combination. Use two refrigerators along one wall and have the wine and freezer units on another. Choose whichever configuration works best for your cooking and entertaining style. They can all be sleek stainless steel exteriors, or have them blend in with your cabinetry by installing custom exteriors.


Then there are the items you didn’t know you needed, but won’t be able to live without once you have them. For example, a warming drawer. This handy appliance is a lifesaver when preparing meals for a crowd or for holding a family meal when someone is delayed. It fits under a counter, ready when you need it. When planning your dream kitchen, don’t forget the built-in coffee maker. This is something you are certain to use every day.

When looking to remodel your kitchen, contact the professionals at EBL Interiors of Naples FL. They specialize in the best home interior products Europe has to offer, like Miele appliances. They can help you plan the entire job, start to finish, and they are suppliers of Miele in Naples FL.

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