What Can You Expect From Dentures in La Grange KY?

If you are missing your natural teeth, you have most likely considered dentures. Dentures can help you to regain your tooth function and increase your self-confidence in your appearance. When you are missing teeth, it can be difficult. Not only do you feel ashamed of your appearance, but you can also have trouble eating. If you are tired of being stuck with a soft foods diet, your dentist can make the decision on whether or not dentures can help you. Through Dentures in La Grange KY, your smile can be restored.

To find out if dentures will benefit you, the dentist will first need to examine you. The examination process involves thoroughly checking your gum tissue, to make sure your gums are healthy enough for dentures. If you have any lesions or gum disease, the dentist will want to make sure these are treated, before you are allowed to wear dentures.

To make your dentures, the dentist will need to create bite impressions of your gums. These impressions will be sent to the lab that creates dentures, so your pair can be made to your exact measurements. This will help to ensure your dentures properly fit, so they do not slide around on your gums or cause discomfort.

Once your dentures have been created, the dentist will check for a perfect fit. Your dentures should fit snuggly over your gum tissue, but should not be too tight. When you first begin wearing your dentures, you can expect to deal with some discomfort. It can take several weeks before you become accustomed to wearing dentures. Your dentist will advise you on how to deal with the discomfort, so your dentures will not bother you during this transition period.

If you are interested in Dentures in La Grange KY.  Your dentist can provide you with a beautiful pair of dentures, that will effectively restore your smile. Dentures can allow you to regain function of your smile, so you can eat the foods you want and feel confident. Contact the dentist and schedule a consultation appointment right away.

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