Increase Your Pets Health and Lifespan With Spay and Neuter Lenexa KS

People have been domesticating animals for thousands of years. They serve a variety of purposes from food to friends and two of the most common animals in a modern human household are cats and dogs. The original purpose of domesticating these two very different species was guard duty for the dogs and rodent control for the cats. Tasks for which each animal was uniquely suited. However, as time passed on the roles of these creatures expanded from utilitarian to companionship and an emotional dependency developed between the species. This relationship works both ways with humans gaining a unique friendship with an animal that cares for them specifically while each animal gets the care and protection that only humans can provide.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to this arrangement. With domestication comes an increase in breeding as well as a lot of wild cats and dogs wandering throughout our neighborhoods. These stray animals continue to breed causing the stray population continue to grow. Sadly, these animals are often the hosts to a variety of canine and feline diseases that could affect your pets. To keep these populations under control the government recommends that all pets undergo Spay and Neuter in Lenexa KS procedures so they don’t continue to breed.

Your pets gain a number of benefits with Spay and Neuter Lenexa KS such as a reduction of unruly behaviors. Spayed and neutered animals tend to roam less which can reduce the damage that pets do when trying to escape. Plus, having your pet spayed or neutered can help improve their health. Statistical analysis shows that pets in states with the highest rate of spaying and neutering live twenty percent longer than similar animals without these procedures. Of course, this extra longevity may be due to curbing some of the bad behaviors that these animals would have had if they had not been spayed or neutered in the first place.

Other benefits of the spay and neuter process provided by trained veterinarian clinics like Cherokee Animal Clinic include peace of mind for the owners. Without these procedures the females of these species become unmanageable when they go into heat. Nature takes over and they tend to focus strictly on mating. Once this problem has been fixed however, your pets generally remain their lovable selves all year long.

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