Improve the Function of Your Mouth With Dental Implants in Richmond, VA

Many of the people in Richmond, VA, today are concerned with how their smile compares to everyone else, but few actually realize that a healthy mouth is one of the best ways to keep a healthy body. As teeth decay they release toxins into the bloodstream that quickly affect your body’s chemistry. Plus, decayed and missing teeth can affect how you eat and the foods you decide to consume. Healthy foods like raw fruit and vegetables are difficult to bite and chew when your teeth are damaged and chunks of food can get stuck in the gaps from missing teeth.

Thankfully, modern dentistry is overcoming this challenge with advances in various technologies. One of these advances are dental implants in Richmond, VA, that are designed to take the place of missing or damaged teeth. Simply speaking the dental implant is a ceramic or other material that matches the complexion of the existing teeth. To anchor the crown in place the dentist will implant a titanium or other inert material as a stud to hold the cap tightly in place. Dental implants work well when one or two teeth are missing, but when there are larger gaps in the teeth the dentist must use an alternative.

Originally, dentist would create a bridge which they anchored to existing teeth to fill these gaps, but bridgework was hard on the existing teeth often causing further damage to the teeth which anchored the bridge. Modern techniques use Dental implants in Richmond, VA, to insert anchors into the jawbone that secure the bridge in place. This anchoring method results in a more secure bridge placement and a more comfortable fit for the patient.

This method of implantation can also work for denture wearers. However, many denture users have developed bone loss over the years which makes implants a little more difficult to work with. To remedy this problem dentist can apply bone grafts to build the weak spots on the jawbone in order for the implants to have a secure foundation. Deciding whether dental implants is the best option for you takes a lot of information. Information which is easily supplied by dental offices like Dr. Baxter Perkinson & Associates.

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