4 Main Options for orthodontic Care from the Pediatric Dentist in Niceville, FL

Stubb’s Orthodontics is led by Casi B. Stubbs D.M.D. P.A. The company offers a specific plan for every patient that will fit their current situation with the teeth, as well as their lifestyle.

There are quite a few orthodontic services offered at Stubbs. Invisible ceramic braces seem to be the most popular, but they are a current industry buzzword. Pediatric dentist in Niceville, FL offers the most fitting option for every specific patient.

1. Invisalign

Invisalign is the most popular type of invisible braces available to patients. They employ groundbreaking technology that harnesses a clear design that is nearly invisible to the eye from a distance of 6 or so feet. This technology is widely embraced by teenagers and adults who feel embarrassed with the traditional braces. The metallic and punishingly painful design of classic braces is being tosses aside in favor of the more seamless and ultimately less embarrassing invisible technology.

2. Ceramic Clear

These types of braces are rather fragile by design. But they offer the classic and quicker approach to metal braces while simultaneously employing a clear design. Patients with major structural issues as well as a preference for a clear design often choose this option at the pediatric office.

3. SmartClip

this technology minimizes friction, enhances smoothness, and overall makes for a much more effective treatment option. A small barely noticeable clip helps hold a single strand in place. Though it lacks the invisible attributes of the invisalign product, ir often comes with a much shorter treatment time.

4. Metal Braces

High grade stainless steel makes up the metal braces by Stubb’s. Great leaps in design and technology have made them far more manageable than before. For some patients, metal braces are the only viable option. Pediatric dentist in Niceville, FL will provide special care with metal braces. The stories of pain, uncomfortable additions, and cranks are long gone. The process is painless and cozy throughout the duration.

All these options fit specific needs, and they are all equally important in offering the best of every type. Patients would be wise to call Stubb’s today and consult on the best course of action moving forward.

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