Important Information on Workers’ Compensation Law in Minneapolis

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry requires all employers to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. Unfortunately, not all employers follow the law. When an employee is injured and no insurance policy is in place, serious penalties can result. Injured workers and employers should each learn about the Workers’ Compensation Law in Minneapolis. Full knowledge of the law can help to prevent confusion.

When an employee is injured, and no insurance covers them, they may put in a request to the state Special Compensation Fund. This fund can pay workers’ compensation benefits and provide coverage to injured victims.

First, an investigation will be carried out to determine whether or not the employer was liable for the injuries the worker has received. If the employer is found liable, they are held responsible for repaying all funds that were paid to the employee through the state Special Compensation Fund.

Even when insurance coverage has been acquired, being approved for benefits can sometimes prove problematic. Since these benefits are crucial for helping injured victims, it is important to get help through a workers’ compensation lawyer. Workers’ compensation lawyers take on cases with no fees charged unless they are able to get a win for their client.

The benefits of workers’ compensation include:

Wage replacement benefits
Compensation when a body part no longer functions properly
Medical bill payments
Vocational rehab services

When an injured worker receives a denial, a hearing may need to be scheduled. A hearing allows all parties involved in the claim to bring in evidence and witnesses to testify. The hearing will be heard before a judge.

A lawyer will guide their client through every aspect of the filing process. If the insurance company refuses to cooperate, the lawyer will pursue the case further through a hearing. No matter how the claim is settled, the lawyer will work to ensure their client gets the benefits they need.

To learn more about Workers’ Compensation Law in Minneapolis, of Malone & Atchison. They work with injured workers to assist them through the process of pursuing workers’ compensation benefits. Hiring a lawyer can make a big difference in how this process proceeds and also lets victims can focus on their recovery.

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