Fighting for Justice With an Employment Discrimination Attorney in Worcester, MA

By law, all employees should be treated equally in the workplace. Unfortunately, many employees around the country are discriminated against and treated unfairly. If this happens to you, consider taking legal action against those involved. An employment discrimination attorney in Worcester, MA can help you fight your case and get the justice you deserve.

Employment discrimination can come in many forms. For instance, an employee may be passed up for a promotion because of their religion or sexual preference. Often times, qualified individuals aren’t hired for certain positions because of the color of their skin. In any case, if you’ve faced discrimination from an employer, you can take legal action with the help of an attorney.

As soon as you’ve been discriminated against, it’s important that you file a complaint as quickly as possible. Why? First of all, filing a complaint soon after an incident happens ensures that the incident is fresh on the minds of those who are involved. Second of all, states have a statute of limitations placed on these types of complaints. Depending on the state you live in, a discrimination complaint may be filed no later than a year after the alleged act. Take your case to an employment discrimination attorney in Worcester, MA.

What can you expect after filing a formal complaint for employment discrimination? If you were turned away from a job, an employer may remedy the situation by simply hiring you. Likewise, if you were turned down for a promotion that you obviously should have gotten, your employer may be forced to promote you. Employees have also been reinstated after being fired, and have been paid for things like punitive damages and emotional distress.

Individuals at the Law Office Of Michael O. Shea, P.C. may be able to help your case. Again, because there are so many forms of discrimination it’s important to look carefully at what happened to you. If you feel that you were obviously discriminated against, you need to file a formal complaint as soon as you can. Lastly, understand that there are a number of ways you can be compensated after a judgment. Work closely with your attorney to determine what level of compensation is best for you.

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