Help For Wet Basements: Foundation Crack Repair in Westford, MA

Wet basements are a concern for many homes. Even basements that are not used as living space or for storage should be kept dry. Any moisture that leaks through will encourage mold and mildew growth, increase the humidity levels which could damage wiring or appliances in the basement and encourage pest infestations. Unfortunately problems that occur in the basement can cause havoc in the rest of the home as well, so it needs to be taken seriously.

Foundation cracks are a problem because they allow moisture in, but also because they will continue to grow over time, potentially compromising the structure of the home. They should also be viewed as a sign of additional trouble because a crack typically forms when the outside of the home does not have the drainage it needs. As water pools on the exterior of the home, it causes pressure cracks in the foundation, eventually forcing its way through.

In order to stop the leaking, adequate drainage systems should be put in place and the cracks will need to be repaired. Crack Repair in Westford MA can handle cracks of any size, but it is best when the cracks are mended before they are allowed to get too large. Even the thinnest crack should be considered a risk and filled.

Basement waterproofing companies offer solutions for repairing wet basements. This includes using injectable resins that seal cracks instantly and stays strong, even as foundations shift. This helps to prevent new cracks in the future, regardless of the weather conditions.

This type of Crack Repair in Westford MA is perfect for basements and crawl spaces, but can also be useful for swimming pools, patios and much more. It repairs securely cracks in concrete, steel and masonry so it can prevent water leakage on nearly any foundation structure around the home.

If you are unable to use your basement because of flooding or leaking, contact Drycrete Waterproofing today for a home inspection and a comprehensive repair quote. They offer a full line of waterproofing services including sump pump installation and repairs and drainage solutions for both interior and exterior drainage problems.

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