Important Factors When Buying A Used GC/MS

A GC/MS is a combination of different analytical and testing options to create an efficient, effective and highly accurate option for separating components and providing characterization for qualitative as well as quantitative analysis of a known or unknown substance.

Essential in most laboratories and testing facilities, the GC/MS is now more widely used than either of the two single testing systems offered by a gas chromatography or a mass spectroscopy analysis instrument. With the high cost of this equipment when purchased new, many labs are making the wise decision to purchase a newer model, refurbished used GC MS. This option not only provides for substantial savings, but it can also be an investment in the efficiency of the lab that will quickly pay for itself.

Types of Samples

When considering the best options in models of the used GC/MS equipment, always start by considering the types of samples the lab will be required to process. The types of samples often vary based on the testing needs of the lab from the ability to detect specific substances and contaminants in known samples to the ability to identify the components and chemicals in unknown samples.

Different types of GC/MS models and options are more effective for the various testing needs. For example, some systems are designed for high-resolution testing, which is essential for detection of extremely low trace levels of elements.

Size Factor

Today, there are more options in used GC/MS systems that can be compatible in a lab of any size. Compact models that have a very small footprint are ideal for smaller labs where space is at a premium.

The smaller size doesn’t always mean limited testing capacity and testing times. Newer models of used systems are particularly adaptable to testing requirements and present a cost-effective option to buying new without having to compromise on features and testing capacity.

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