Adding Essential Testing Capabilities With A Used Coagulation Analyzer

Also known as a whole blood coagulation analyzer, a coagulation analyzer is an essential component in fast, effective and accurate information for doctors and clinicians. The device can be designed to be portable, which is the choice for many medical facilities and doctors’ offices.

There are also options in coagulation analyzers that are benchtop models, and they often combine a variety of testing needs including clotting, agglutination, chromogenic and immunologic testing. The advanced capabilities of these models make them highly practical for both research and testing labs as well as medical and hospital labs.

Pricing Benefits with Used Equipment

New analyzers can be very costly, particularly the larger and more versatile benchtop models and systems. One way to reduce the cost of the purchase of new and replacement equipment for the lab is to choose a used coagulation analyzer.

At a significant reduction over a new model, a currently used coagulation analyzer offering all the features and functions required by a testing lab can be as much as half or more of the cost of the same model new.

Testing Requirements

With state-of-the-art technology, many of the newer models of used coagulation analyzer systems are designed for faster testing and higher rates of throughput of samples.

For a large or busy lab, this is an essential consideration. Many of these high throughputs, multi-testing ability analyzers are also fully automated, providing highly accurate and reliable in vitro diagnostic capability for large numbers of samples at the same time.

Additionally, and this will be essential in accuracy and record keeping, these systems have the ability to store, print or display data, with each sample and results matched with 100% precision through internal barcode readers which eliminate human error in matching samples and results.

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