Performing Oriental Rug Repair in Fairfield County CT

When a homeowner has an Oriental rug inside of their living space, keeping it in the best possible condition is a concern. There are several steps to take to help to protect an Oriental rug from potential damage. Here are some tips to consider.

Hang The Rug Instead Of Covering The Floor

To help keep an Oriental rug from becoming damaged, hanging it on a wall is an option. This way no one will step upon the rug, helping to keep it free of snags and tears. The rug will also require less frequent cleanings as muddy shoes or spills are not problems.

Vacuum The Rug Using The Right Method

Instead of running a vacuum cleaner over an Oriental rug, use a vacuum cleaner attachment to whisk away dirt from the fabric. This will help to keep potential damage from occurring as wheels of the machine tends to leave behind dirt if they are not clean. In addition, there is no risk of the rug becoming trapped in the rollers of the vacuum cleaner.

Avoid Eating Or Drinking Near The Rug

It is best to alert people in the vicinity of the Oriental rug to refrain from eating or drinking near its presence. This will minimize the chance of staining. If something does drop on the rug, blot it quickly using a clean piece of cloth. It is best to avoid rubbing the staining agent at all as this will embed it into the rug further. If the rug is altered in appearance and blotting the stain does not work at removing discoloration, taking the rug to a service that does Oriental Rug Repair in Fairfield County CT is best. They will remove the stain in its entirety without causing damage to the rug in the process.

When there is a need for oriental rug repair in Fairfield County CT, finding a reputable service to handle the job is a must. Contact Rug Restoration today to find out more about the service they have available for their customers. Schedule an appointment for repair work or inquire about the pricing structure in place.

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