Common Questions To Ask About Eye Care In El Dorado, KS

In Kansas, eye care professionals provide patients with an invaluable service and lower the chances of vision loss. Emerging conditions could cause vision loss and cause pain in the eyes. A local eye care professional can answer common questions about Eye Care in El Dorado KS for their patients.

Why Do Eye Doctors Dilate the Eyes?

It is easier for the doctor to see inside the eye when the patient’s eyes are dilated. This enables the doctor to assess the patient’s eyes for common eye diseases and conditions such as detached retinas and degeneration. If the doctor identifies these conditions sooner, they can treat them and restore the patient’s vision.

How Often Should Patients Have Their Eyes Examined?

The eye patients should undergo a complete eye examination at least every two years. However, if the patient has complex eye conditions or extremely poor vision, they should undergo an exam every year. Elderly patients should have an exam each year; this prevents them from losing their vision due to sudden changes in vision or cataracts.

How Do Cataracts Affect Vision?

Cataracts cause a milky film over the eye lens, and they can prevent the eye patient from seeing clearly. The eye doctor must perform surgery to remove cataracts from the lens. The surgery is effective; however, the surgery doesn’t guarantee that the patient won’t develop more of these developments in the future.

Can the Doctor Cure Glaucoma?

No, there isn’t a cure for glaucoma, and the most severe cases could present the patient with total blindness. The doctor can perform surgical procedures that reduce pressure in the eyes, and they can provide treatments such as eye drops to reduce any pain that the patient is experiencing. The doctor will monitor the condition regularly and provide treatment as needed.

In Kansas, eye care professionals offer extraordinary care for their patients, and they provide products to improve the patient’s vision. These professionals also provide treatment for complex eye diseases that could lead to blindness and pain. Patients who need to schedule services for Eye Care in El Dorado KS can Visit Business Name for more details now.

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