Identifying Strict Liabilities and Accountability With A Dog Bite Attorney in Saint Paul

The state of Pennsylvania imposes strict laws for domestic pets. At any time that a dog bite is reported to a medical practitioner the county animal control officer is notified. This officer orders the pet owner to place the animal into a twelve-day quarantine. During this period, a licensed vet determines if the animal has the rabies virus. Under applicable laws, the pet owner has the right to file a claim against the pet owner.

Identifying a History of Attacks

All reported animal attacks are a matter of public record. Animals that have attacked more than once require strict measures. The laws require the pet owner to ensure that an attack cannot occur in the future. If a history of attacks is established, the county enforces laws that require euthanization of the animal.

In Pennsylvania, a strict liability applies if the animal attacks a second victim. This liability requires the pet owner to pay all medical fees incurred by the victim only. If the victim loses wages, the pet owner provides them with compensation based on the assigned value. However, the pet owner is accountable for wages or future earnings if a severe injury is produced only. To identify a history of attacks, contact a dog bite attorney in Saint Paul now.

Are the Injuries Classified as Severe?

A severe injury is any injury in which the victim breaks a bone, loses a limb, or becomes disfigured permanently. To qualify under these laws, the disfigurement prevents a cosmetic surgeon from correcting it. If plastic surgery could eliminate this condition, it doesn’t qualify as permanent.

Was Entry Onto the Premises Lawful?

Lawful entry indicates that the victim was invited into or onto the property. The owner invited the victim for a social engagement or to perform a service such as repairs or maintenance. Alternately, the victim entered the property based on their job duties or related requirements. Trespassing isn’t lawful entry.

Dog bites produce severe injuries each day. Some dog breeds are predisposed to violence based on genetics and how they are raised. Victims aren’t responsible for identifying the potential of an attack. The pet owners are the accountable parties. To file a claim for an attack, contact a dog bite attorney in Saint Paul by visiting today.

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