Tips to Embark on Book Marketing

Marketing books is equally as challenging as marketing movies or music albums. The same way you have big, corporate-style movie production companies, you have big, corporate-style publishing houses. Anyone involved in creating a book should take the promotional work very seriously. Nothing productive happens overnight in the literary world. Whether you are an editor or a publisher, strive to reach as many readers as possible. Learn a few, simple ways you can enhance your book marketing campaign.

Create a Nice Cover

Good book marketing starts with the covers. When people say not to look at a book just for its cover, they do not understand good marketing. The book cover is the first thing that people see, so designing a memorable one is important. If you are an artist, you want to express yourself to the fullest. The best way is to focus on designing an appealing front cover.

You cannot forget the importance of the back cover. If you create an exceptional back cover, the readers will never forget it and be impressed by your creative mind.

Target the Audience

You need to create a campaign that has a targeted audience in mind. If you are writing romance novels, you cannot expect anyone and everyone to be interested in your work. If you are creating a nonfiction book for travelers or a self-help guidebook for businesspeople, you cannot market to anyone. It seems logical to do so, but it is not. It is more sensible to target those people you have written the book for.

Design Bookmarks

Find other tips that few people think is to design bookmarks. At some point, everyone picks up a book and needs to keep the page in place. A bookmark works similar to a business card. Place the name of your new book on the front, a few positive words about the book and some eye-catching designs. If you are promoting a book signing, you want to hand bookmarks to potential readers.

In the age of Kindle and tablets, it seems like more people are picking up digital book readers, and fewer people are picking up traditional paperback books. However, there is and always will be an audience of paperback readers. Book marketers should not get discouraged by the e-book era and should market to both types of readers.

Whether you are self-publisher or working for a major publishing house, you need a plan for book marketing. You cannot expect other people to do all of the marketing for you. Everyone involved in creating the book has to get involved in promoting it. There are good and bad ways to go about doing it. You will need to follow those marketing tips. Get guaranteed work for your campaign.

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