How to Get Help With a Divorce in Newnan, GA

Divorces are one of the most difficult things to go through in life. Not only do you have to face the end of a relationship and marriage, but there are also custody issues to deal with a property to decide on. Since divorces are often heated with emotion, it is imperative to keep a level head and protect your rights. This is where hiring an attorney for your Divorce in Newnan, GA. Through the help of an attorney, you can receive assistance through every decision in your divorce proceedings, so your rights will always be protected.
What Happens When You File for Divorce in Newnan, GA?
When you first file for divorce, your attorney will file a petition. You will need to make the decision on which grounds you are filing for divorce for. If your state allows no-fault grounds, you may want to consider irreconcilable differences, as this is one of the most common reasons given in divorce situations.
If you choose a fault reason, such as adultery or abandonment, you will need to be prepared to prove the fault in court. You will need substantial evidence to be presented to the judge at the first appearance, or he or she may deny your case being heard. Once your grounds and petition have been filed, your spouse will be sent the paperwork and will be required to make a response to your petition. If your spouse chooses, he or she has the right to fight against the divorce. In this type of divorce, having an attorney is crucial.
Some divorces are able to be settled outside of court. You should never meet with your spouse or his or her attorney without your own attorney being present. You should also never sign any agreements. This will protect your interests in your divorce, so you do not suffer any issues.
If you are going through a divorce and need legal help, contact The Law Offices Of Diane M. Sternlieb, LLC. She will be glad to meet with you and give you information on how she can assist you through getting your divorce decree. Click here for more information.

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