Spring Cleaning Includes The Gutters

Spring cleaning is usually associated with indoors but for those who own their own home, a thorough exterior inspection every spring is also a must. Winter can be a hard time for houses and at least once a year perform a few maintenance routines which will keep your home in good shape for many years to come. One very important task is to clean the gutters in Annapolis. During the fall and winter the gutters around the roof of your home can get loaded with leaves, twigs and other debris which has been blown by the wind; when the spring rains start, these are things that you do not want in the gutters. When the gutters are blocked with debris it is easy for the rain water to back up, getting under the shingles and causing a leak inside the house. When water spills over the top of the gutters it can quickly erode the soil around the foundation of the house, this will lead to leaks in the basement. A simple handful of leaves stuck in the downpipe can lead to extensive and expensive damage.

The best time to clean the gutters is early spring, the snow and ice are gone and the spring rains have not yet started. Check the weather forecast and pick a day which is forecasted to be mild, get an early start as in the spring the weather can be quite changeable. Gather your equipment; get a good sturdy ladder, trowel, leaf rake and gloves to protect your hands from any cuts or abrasions.

Safety first is an excellent motto when you are cleaning the gutters in Annapolis. Make sure that your ladder is stable and there is no possibility of it slipping. Take your tools with you and climb as high as necessary to get at the gutters. There will be an accumulation of mud in the gutters, rake this loose being careful not to puncture the gutter material. Use a leaf blower if you have one to scatter the leaves and residue, removing as much as possible. This process is to be repeated all around the perimeter of the house, making sure the ladder is secure each time you move it.

If your yard has several trees you may find that cleaning the gutters is a job that has to be done a couple of times a year.

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