Prepare Your Home for the Coming Summer Heat With AC Repair in New Port Richey

Home air conditioners and heating systems are very complex appliances that serve some specific purposes. Primarily, they were designed to provide for your personal comfort by heating and cooling your home or business. Fulfilling this purpose requires moving a lot of air between various rooms and through the appliance itself. With a simple, portable A/C the air is drawn through the filter at the front of the appliance and then through an evaporator coil as well. This simple process picks up the cooler temperature of the coil and passes it on to the room via the moving air.

Things are a little different for larger appliances. For instance, the central air used in many homes draw the fresh air through an inlet duct. This method allows the home designer to place the A/C inlet in an area that is easier to access. This separation also allows the main unit of the air conditioner to be placed in an out of the way location such as an attic or cellar. Using this method can also help with the routing and installation of the home’s heating and cooling ducts which are typically located in the attic or cellar as well. Unfortunately, it can hinder important functions performed by service companies like Airprompt Heating/Air Conditioning, Inc. including visual inspection, appliance maintenance or AC Repair in New Port Richey.

Air conditioning repairs are broken down in several categories. The first of these is simple testing and cleaning. A dirty coil or blocked fan can greatly reduce the effectiveness of any air treatment system and is one of the most common causes of hardware failure. The next category is the replacement of failing components. Air conditioners typically have three or more electric motors. One of these moves the air through the ducts, another cools the refrigerant as it flows through the exterior coil and the third operates the compressor that moves the refrigerant through the system. The final category of AC Repair in New Port Richey is the replacement of individual portions of the A/C system itself. This may be useful when the condensing unit fails on a fairly new air conditioner or a prior repair on the furnace has already replaced the cabinet that contains the evaporator coil.

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