How is confidential waste recycled?

Commercial recycling companies in Plymouth often have the odious task of disposing of confidential or sensitive waste. Criminals can use the sensitive information to commit identity fraud or embezzle from company accounts, so the company charged with such disposal needs to follow certain codes of practice. In many cases they may even be legally required to sign the Official Secrets Act to prevent them from revealing anything they might see during the process of disposal.

On-site and Off-site Recycling

Commercial recycling companies in Plymouth offer a wide range of waste disposal options, including both on-site and off-site services. Many can provide trucks with on-site shredding facilities to assure clients that their confidential information is destroyed and can’t fall into the wrong hands. Clients or site representatives witness the destruction of the material for peace of mind.

Volume Control
The waste collection companies deal with any volume of material from one sack of personal materials to a twenty-five cubic yard container at competitive rates. Their services are for solicitors, individuals, accountants, medical practitioners, corporations and any organization that holds, retains or needs to dispose of sensitive and private information. All employees of such waste management businesses are generally CRB checked, too. During the disposal process the waste that is collected for off-site recycling is tracked using a security system that follows everything from pickup to destruction. Clients are also provide proof of destruction of all the matierals.

Secure Units

The units used to pick up the waste material are all secured and nothing can be removed from the containers. They are locked in the presence of the client’s on-site representative and the waste is electronically logged and tracked back to the waste centre. There the secured units are opened and shredded under close circuit television. The shredded material is broken down to pulp and compacted into a bale which is stored securely on the premises until removed and recycled into kitchen towels, tissues or other paper products.

All waste management companies have to legally comply with government legislation regarding the safe the proper disposal of all waste, be it sensitive or general or toxic. Noncompliance can lead to fines, sanctions and other punishments, including the actual closure of the business if it repeats transgressions.

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