One Day, You Too Might Need A Bankruptcy Attorney In Huntington Beach CA

You studied well and graduated with good qualifications and quickly got a job and started climbing the career ladder. In due course, you got married; took out a mortgage to purchase your first home at Huntington Beach and started a family. You led an honest, hard working life with no serious vices; wherever possible, you preferred to make purchases in cash or, if you used a credit card, you paid of the statements in full every month. You considered yourself a model citizen.

Then, Your World Crashed Around Your Head

Your eldest kid had been showing signs of something “not quite right” for a while and it reached a point where you consulted your family doctor; who confirmed that “all was not right” but could not say what was wrong. You were referred on to a specialist medical clinic for children’s ailments and a lengthy series of (expensive) tests commenced; tests that your insurance did not cover. In the end, you were informed that your child had a very rare disease for which there was no certain cure. However, there was one clinic in New York that was conducting research and said to be getting results. Again, it was going to be expensive and not covered by insurance; plus, they firmly suggested that both you and your wife stay in New York for the duration of your child’s treatment (which was 2 weeks); but, what choice did you have?

At the end of the day, the good news was that the child’s illness was, at least, in remission but might require continuing attention over several more years. The bad news was that your credit cards were maxed out; you had a horrendous amount still to pay for the medical bills and there were expensive medicines needed on a daily basis. You approached banks and loan companies but they were not prepared to loan you sufficient to cover your debt. To add to your problems, the company you work for was having ”cash flow” problems and starting to retrench people.

You Find Yourself Not Only Broke But Massively In Debt

Your boss was most sympathetic but, as he pointed out to you, even if he could keep you on and your creditors garnished 100% of your monthly salary, it would be many years before you were out of debt. He suggested that you contact a bankruptcy attorney in Huntington Beach and see if something could be worked out. I did; and it was; thanks to your Bankruptcy Attorney In Huntington Beach, you did not lose your house; you may be struggling but both of you now work and continue the child’s treatment while, bit by bit, you claw your way back to financial stability.

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