Types of access control

Depending on the level of security you need there are many options for access control. You may only need a simple, single door control. This could be easily achieved with proximity sensors, card readers, biometric scanners, or CCTV. Or you may need to control access to the property and multiple levels of access inside your buildings. Using an electronic gate, with any number of controls options, you can verify which vehicles come in or out of your property. Inside the building you can set levels of access for each person and control the system with card readers, biometrics, PIN’s, or CCTV. This way you can control access to each door, elevators, even lights or HVAC systems.

Networked solutions

Most of the control options can be used as a stand alone device, or your entire property can be controlled as a stand alone system. But with the advent of the internet age there are now numerous networking options for your security needs. Wireless advances now allow you install devices much easier and cheaper because there no wires to run between devices. You can have one control station monitoring the whole operation through the internet. Using CCTV you can view everything remotely. Many people are using CCTV access control in Guildford.

Video Monitoring

Using networked cameras and digital video recording you can now monitor and record much more efficiently than ever before. Cameras have come a long way from the stationary, low resolution, cameras. Digital recording and memory prices have also become much more inexpensive. Now you can use remote control cameras with full colour and sound. You can pan, tilt, and zoom the cameras to follow, and record, all the action. Some cameras can even switch between analogue and IP so you can build your system over time, and use the same equipment as your CCTV access control needs grow in Guildford. There are also mobile apps available to monitor your system from your smartphone. The efficiency and convenience of access control has never been better.

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