How Electronic Farm Scales Can Save You Time and Money

Efficiency is more important than ever in the agricultural industry as it can make the difference between profit and loss. Investing or upgrading to specially developed farm scales not only makes daily farm chores easier and quicker, but they can also help to increase your profits too. Here are just a few ways:

1. More Accurate Measurements

Automatic measurements of livestock or crop yields allow you to know exactly how much profit is to be made from them. Digi-Star technology automatically keeps a record of livestock weight to show how each animal is gaining weight each day and can also give an accurate weight of how much grain is going into or coming out of storage.

2. Increased Productivity

Technology that makes the weighing process both quicker and more accurate also frees up much more of your time to be getting on with other jobs, as there are always a million things to be done at once on a typical farm. You can weigh your grain in the field instead of having to transport it back to the farm, for example, and won’t have to spend so long checking and adjusting your equipment. Distributing seeds evenly with a drill scale ensures that none is wasted, and no fields are over or under planted.

3. Insurance Claims

Good record keeping and accurate, certifiable scale make auditors happy. Prevention is better than cure, and if you do end up in a position that requires you to make an insurance claim, these records will make it much more likely to be approved. The ability to measure the amount of crop damage also makes filling out your insurance forms a lot easier.

4. Build Your Scale

Universal scale kits are also available to allow you to assemble your platform scale or livestock scale to suit your individual needs. Building one yourself can save you money on expensive equipment and installation. Everything you need is provided for you in the kit, no different than buying furniture from Ikea! This is a useful solution you need a scale for an unconventional reason, such as to weigh an individual show animal.

Modernized farm scales, whether you decide to build one yourself or not, are a worthy investment for any working farm or show breeder. Even small things like weighting livestock quickly or giving a digital weight read out will make a big difference in your working day and your profit margins.

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